Beautiful Beach Themed Bedrooms Ideas

Beach and Sea themed bedrooms can be a combination of freshness, lightness and pleasant memories about your vacation by the sea. Sea theme or nautical style is the best choice for people who live far in the middle of a city. Sea theme can be used in the living room, bedroom, kids room, bathroom and kitchen.

Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

Characteristic Features of Nautical Style

Over the years, marine style has changed immensely, but, at the same time, it retained its main features: the presence of stripes on textiles, ships items, decorations in the form of seashells and antique furniture. Sea themed rooms require good lighting, open space and lack of unnecessary items. Marine style uses white-blue or blue-white color schemes, which create a romantic atmosphere, relieves stress and gives the owner peace of mind.

Thinking of creating a sea themed bedroom, you should think if you want to have a captain’s bridge or to enhance the beauty of seas.

The color range is diverse in marine style: sand, emerald green, turquoise, beige, and blue are the most popular colors. The perfect combination is blue and white, because it is associated with the deep sea and ships (sea foam, clouds). The combination of green with brown and beige reminds of the ship’s deck. Grey color looks good with brown or blue tones. Combination of yellow sand and blue color will remind of the beach and is perfect for a marine style interior. Turquoise and azure go well with delicate shades: white and beige.

All of the above combinations are classic and widely used. The interior can be supplemented with such accents as silver, gold, coral, wine and citrus colors, but neon colors are totally unacceptable because they are not natural .

The most common feature of nautical style is stripes. They can be wide, narrow and hardly noticeable. The advantage of stripes is that horizontal lines visually expand the room, and vertical ones make it look higher. Stripes are a good idea for curtains, bed spreads and cushions. Along with these, designers use wavy and zig-zag patterns.


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